Tuesday, October 12, 2010

U.S. "Open for Business" - Planet Earth Needs to Stop Whining

As I understand it all of this oil has already evaporated or is resting at the bottom of the ocean? What's the problem? They have NEW RULES? You tell me what some Washington douchebag knows that these INDUSTRY LEADERS don't?

A great man once said, "the business of America is business." It's one thing to be concerned, but if we continue to put people out of jobs because of oil spills, what's next? How are we going to get this country back on track?

It's like a cycle. First there's an oil spill and people lose their jobs. Then they clean up the oil spill and the people get their jobs back. If you lost your business because of the oil spill they pay you for that! What am I missing? How long are the treehuggers going to milk this thing? Glad to see the Obama people getting on the stick here.
The U.S. is back in the deepwater drilling business. The question now is when work will resume. The Obama Administration, under heavy pressure from the oil industry and Gulf states and with elections nearing, lifted the moratorium it imposed last April in the wake of the disastrous BP oil

The ban had been scheduled to expire Nov. 30, but Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday he was moving up the date because new rules imposed after the spill had reduced the risk of another catastrophic blowout. Industry leaders warily waited for details of those rules, saying the moratorium
wouldn't truly be lifted until then.

"The policy position we are articulating today is that "we are open for business," Salazar declared.

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