Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Did I Say Deadly? Sorry, I Meant Harmless.

The Captain supposes this is better than being told you're perfectly healthy only to drop dead 6 months later. Then again, maybe not.

A BRITISH man sold all his belongings - including his dog - after he was wrongly informed he had just six months to live.

Malcolm McMahon, 55, from Erdington, central England, was advised to get his possessions in order after being diagnosed with severe liver cancer in February last year, the Birmingham Mail reported.

He gave away his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, put his four-bedroom home up for sale and sold some of his most precious belongings, including family heirlooms, in order to provide a legacy to his relatives.

Mr McMahon claims the same doctor who gave him a terminal diagnosis then reversed his conclusion three months later, after further examinations showed that blemishes on an ultrasound scan of his liver were harmless.

By that time, Mr McMahon had lost all his belongings. The false alarm also caused severe emotional stress to his girlfriend and relatives, who were already suffering after the death of his mother and brother to lung cancer in recent years.

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