Monday, October 25, 2010

Face It, Josh: Drinking Is Hazardous to Your Health

The Captain only recently became aware that the word "glass" is commonly used as a verb in Great Britain. That's because 87,000 people per year get there faces cut up by broken pint glasses in that island nation's storied pubs. It seems that the great glassing tradition is now taking hold among the descendants of Britain's worst criminals, i.e. Australians.

A NEWTOWN man who broke every bone in his face after falling from a four-storey building while overseas was back in hospital on Saturday night after he was glassed at a Geelong nightclub.

Just months after major reconstructive surgery, Josh Filbay, 20, required more attention on his now-famous face after he was glassed at popular nightclub Room 99.


Images posted on social networking site Facebook show a bloodied Mr Filbay standing inside Geelong Hospital's emergency department with a bandage on his ear.

Here's how he smashed his face the first time:
In the fall Mr Filbay broke every bone in his face, knocked out every tooth, broke his kneecaps and smashed bones in both wrists.

After giving his room key to a friend and returning after curfew to find himself locked out of Paddy's Palace Hostel, Mr Filbay climbed up the fire escape and on to the roof, a method he had used before when locked out of the hostel.

But a cold snap had left a layer of ice on the roof, and Mr Filbay quickly found himself in trouble.

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