Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"A Boo Grave"

The Captain is guilty a running a bit afoul of his unwritten rule of not posting about bad things happening to animals or children*, as seen in this post and the one immediately preceding it. Sorry kiddies and furry friends!

[Artist] Richard Verreault’s 7-year-old son Justin posed for “A Boo Grave,” modelled after the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture at the hands of U.S. military police personnel.

He’s the small boy, handcuffed in his underwear, screaming with big, terror-filled, brown eyes. Verreault said that his son, who is a professional child model, was undaunted by the morbid set.

“It was work, and he was there to do the shoot,” he said. “He had a good time — and he got to eat a few lollipops.”
The Captain highly recommends clicking through and reading the entire piece. There you'll find a photo entitled "Twins" featuring two kids - one dressed in a dark hood holding a model airplane,  the other in a fireman's helmet - playing with a toy burning WTC site, and lots of other great stuff.

*UPDATE: As is obvious from several posts put up after this one, kiddies and furry friends are now fair game, within reason. The Captain reserves the right to move his own goal-posts at will.

[Toronto Star]

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  1. This guy's got some compelling artistic vision. Holy holy holy CRAP, CAP!