Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Network Hypocrisy Exposed As Sheen Continues Endless Celebration

It is time to bring some facts to the table here. The reality is, the people making this TV show knew what they were getting into, and they have made A LOT of money as Charlie partied. So now they are getting moral and firing him because of his behavior?

Charlie Sheen is not a teacher, an airline pilot, a subway motorman, or a cop. He is not a school bus driver, or in any way responsible for the safety of others. He is an ACTOR. As an actor, what the hell difference does it make how he behaves? If he was on this stupid show right now they would have to sell extra TVs to accomodate the audience of idiots that would stand in line six deep to watch this crap. And look at the sacrifice this guy made, going to the plastic surgeon to cut up his face to make it better. Would YOU do that?

The other thing that is great here, Charlie Sheen is right, they can't "process" him. The Average Joe will not be able to say this to his boss, but every Average Joe should revel in this and say, "those bastards couldn't PROCESS ME MAN!" And then drink and feel better.

Who paid Charlie Sheen the money to hire these gorgeous hookers and buy that blow? The same people that are firing him. Today, the downer is, the network dorks won. I am rooting for Sheen in the courts, if not personally right this minute, because my kids are watching me type.
Charlie Sheen has blasted his former bosses at "Two and a Half Men" after they fired him on Monday afternoon.

In his first interview since learning the news, Sheen told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush that his former bosses at Warner Bros. Television, which produces the show, did not contact him to break the news - he found out via technology.

"I got a text or something. Here's another thing -- these guys are such yellow cockroaches that they didn't even have the decency to call me. I put 5 bill[ion] in their cheap suit pockets and another half a bil' in what's-his-cheese's pockets and this is the... respect I get?" Sheen told Bush. "It's just deplorable and they should be ashamed of themselves!"

Sheen blamed his firing - not on his recent media onslaught - but on his former bosses not understanding the actor.

"Whatever. I guess if you can't process a guy, or realize his value, you must terminate him," Sheen told Bush. "That's real high-brow thinking, really evolved thinking. I don't know. It is what it is. I'm more worried about my children [Bob and Max] right now than any of this nonsense, you know."

Sheen confirmed to Bush that he plans to move forward with potential legal action against his bosses for breach of contract.

[NBC Universal]

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