Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forget Your Worries, Salvation Is A 'Comin'

Now I can relax. The Republican Party is about to be reinvigorated by Donald Trump. Every Democrat I know is worried. There are a lot of unique things about this guy that make him qualified to be President. He has a track record of running casinos into the ground, and yet he is lionized in many circles as a business wizard of some kind. So if your companies are going bankrupt and people still walk around saying you're a genius, you've got some kind of marketing skill or hypnotic abilities and our next President is going to need that in spades.

In the 1980s, Trump had problems making loan payments even as he was building a third casino in Atlantic City. Things were bad, and he couldn't pay for the two existing casinos, so he built another one. An average businessman might have said, "duh hey, if the two I've got are going broke maybe I should cool out on a third one." But Donald Trump is not an average businessman.

In the 1990s, the Trump Plaza went belly up, and Chase Manhattan Bank forced him to sell the West Side railyards. In 1995, he launched a publicly traded company, which went from $35 to $3 a share within three years.

In the new century, the publicly traded Trumpco went bankrupt and the investors lost all their money. The old Trumpco went public after re-emerging from bankruptcy, only to go bankrupt again for good in 2009. In the 2008 financial crisis, Trump failed to pay a loan to Deutsche Bank and said the crisis was an "Act of God" and he shouldn't have to pay the debt. This is another quality the next President will probably need - the ability to come up with creative ways to stiff creditors.

On the other hand Trump is somehow estimated to be worth $3 billion, since his private deals have gone better than anything he has tried to share with the general public. The next Act of God I would like to see would be a debate between Trump and Sarah Palin - and if Trump wins everyone will get that hairstyle so barbers better start practicing now.

It's possible that the hairstyle is a distraction from the fact that the guy has a GIANT head. What's in there? I think it's nice that he got this foufy hairdo so no one will notice the head and feel inferior since he's probably got an extra brain in there. So he's selfless in a way.
Donald Trump boots contestants off his TV show with a famous two-word catch phrase: "You're fired." He may want the chance to say the same to President Barack Obama.

The real estate tycoon with the comb-over hairdo and in-your-face attitude plans to decide by June whether to join the field of GOP contenders competing in 2012 to make the Democratic incumbent a one-term president.

Trump insists he's serious. He rejects skeptics' claims that he's using the publicity to draw viewers to "Celebrity Apprentice," the NBC reality program he co-produces and hosts.

"The ratings on the show are through the roof. I don't need to boost the ratings," Trump told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "But the country is doing so badly. I wish there was someone in the Republican field I thought would be incredible because that's what we need right now."

If he runs, Trump would follow a well-worn path of wealthy businessmen who have sought the White House before. Recent examples include Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson in 1988, tech mogul Ross Perot in 1992 and publishing executive Steve Forbes in 1996.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire New York City mayor, also has hinted at national political ambitions even as he says he won't enter the race.

[Associated Press]

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