Monday, March 21, 2011

Improvements For Society Abound With Use Of Tasers

Years ago a cop would have to deal with this kind of thing differently. If there's one thing I hate, it's a guy who is double parked, but even I would not advocate Taser-ing the guy. A good slap would be enough, no?

What I love about this is that in the end, it doesn't seem like it was that important. The car never moved, or the whole blockage of the street must have gone on much longer than it would have otherwise, because they probably had to double park with the cops and an ambulance there or whatever. Maybe even TRIPLE park. I have seen that.

And then in the end they drop the charges? They must have felt like they had done enough, but still, I'm not sure this is right. If you're going to Mace the guy and Tase him, you should at least be doing that in the course of arresting him, right? For a real crime? And if he committed a real crime he should have been charged. Instead it's like..."eh, fuhgedaboutit." Why bug the guy in the first place if it's no big deal? Sign me, confused. My advice? For the time being when the police ask you to move you should move.
A Brooklyn man says he was left with a painful reminder from an encounter with NYPD cops: A prong from a Taser had to be surgically removed from his back.

Jonathan Zimmerman, 26, is suing the city and the two officers, saying that after he double-parked, he suffered through an excruciating Tasering that left him with a dime-sized scar.

"I was hurt because I don't think I should have gone through what I went through that night," he said of the April 2010 ordeal.

Zimmerman, a security guard, said he was sitting in his car with a female friend outside her Bedford-Stuyvesant home when uniformed cops wrote him a ticket for double-parking.

After he and the woman started to argue with the cops about the summons, one officer ordered him out of the car. He refused.

He says the cop yanked the keys from the ignition and Maced him while he was still strapped in his seat belt. Next Zimmerman felt something "very, very painful," he recalled. He was zapped, pulled out of his car and Tasered two more times, he said.

An NYPD spokesman said cops ordered Zimmerman to move his car but he instead talked back and had to be restrained. Doctors later dislodged an inch-long spur from his back. All charges against him, including resisting arrest and disorderly conduct,were dismissed.

[New York Daily News]

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