Monday, March 14, 2011

Ivy League Or Bust For Manhattan Suckers

At one point one of my wives was worried about our kids going to the right schools, and we lived in Manhattan, and she started talking about "interviews." I really did not understand any of this, and it turns out that she was talking about interviewing my KID, who was three at the time, to get into a pre-school. My comment was "let's move" and we did.

How crazy is this? First off, if the lawyer knows the kid is going to an Ivy League school anyway, what's the problem? Personally I would like to meet this kid because I'm wondering how ANY four year old is clearly marked intellectually for an Ivy League school. No pressure, right? That's good for kids, pressure at four. Can she do calculus? Maybe they should have buried this kid in textbooks until she cried, and that would have made Mama happy.

As far as I know, admission to Ivy League schools has nothing to do with pre-school, and this whole thing is just a way for pre-schools to sell their line of crap to gullible parents at $19,000 a pop. My friends who went to Harvard got in because they did well on the SATs. Period. Had NOTHING to do with pre-school. In fact, my smartest friend who went to Princeton skipped pre-school entirely and started smoking weed and listening to Zeppelin and he ended up building his own H-bomb, which he sold to the government for pennies on the dollar.

Does anyone really believe Harvard is going to contact a pre-school? It's amazing how anyone who is such a suck up to the Ivy League lifestyle could be so stupid, but there you go.

Finally, what if this little girl does NOT make the Ivy League? Maybe the parents should sue the child for being too dumb and embarrasing them? Or maybe they will sue Harvard and demand admission? In any case, I will be keeping track for the next 15 years or so to see how this turns out and in the meantime I hope they find a place for this lawyer and his pathetic client UNDER the courthouse.

A Manhattan mom is suing a $19,000-a-year preschool, claiming it jeopardized her daughter's chances of getting into an elite private school because she had to slum with younger kids.

Nicole Imprescia yanked 4-year-old Lucia from the York Avenue Preschool last fall, angry the tyke was stuck learning about shapes and colors with tots half her age - when she should have been prepping for a standardized test.

"This is about a theft where a business advertises as one thing and is actually another," said Mathew Paulose, a lawyer for the mom.

"They're nabbing $19,000 and making a run for it."

Impressed by the school's pledge to ready its young students for the ERB - a test used for admission at top private elementary schools - Imprescia enrolled her daughter at York in 2009.

A month into this school year, she transferred the child out of the upper East Side center because she had been lumped in with 2-year-olds.

"Indeed, the school proved not to be a school at all, but just one big playroom," the suit says.

Imprescia's court papers suggest the school may have damaged Lucia's chances of getting into a top college, citing an article that identifies preschools as the first step to "the Ivy League."

"Lucia Imprescia, for the record, will get into an Ivy League school, York Avenue Preschool notwithstanding," said Paulose, of Koehler & Isaacs.
"The child is very smart and will do well in life."

[New York Daily News]

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