Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give Your Kidney, Lose Your Job

Next time your son needs a kidney transplant, make sure you've got several job offers pending before you offer him your precious organ.

A Pennsylvania mother who donated her kidney to save her son's life has been left without a job, after her employer fired her for taking a leave of absence.

Claudia Rendon received some of the worst news a mother could get when doctors delivered the news her son Alex was in desperate need of a life-saving transplant.

She had used up her holiday earlier that year, following her mother and her uncle's deaths - and her father's diagnosis with leukaemia.

A year painfully marked by her bereavement, she said the best news she had received all year was when doctors told her she was a match for her son's kidney.


But her bosses at the Aviation Institute Of Maintenance, in Northeast Philadelphia, were not so understanding.

Executives at the company, which teaches would-be mechanics how to fix airplanes, asked Ms Rendon to sign an agreement indicating her job may not be secured for her should she take medical leave.

She complied, and late last week, when she attempted to return to work, her supervisor told her he had filled her position - despite the company touting her as a 'good employee.'

A company spokesman would not comment on details surrounding the case, while noting such a termination was within their legal rights.

[Daily Mail]

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