Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Corpses: The Other White Meat

On the bright side, these porcine man-eaters have yet to sink their teeth into the living.

RESIDENTS OF Birem in the Kwaman Traditional Area of the Ashanti region were stunned last Saturday morning when they woke up to the news of the invasion of their cemetery by human-eating pigs.

The pigs are not letting the dead in Birem and surrounding farming communities rest in peace, as they exhume their graves and eat the carcasses afterwards.

The sad development has placed a financial burden on residents in the area as they are compelled to bury their dead relations all over again.

The man-eating pigs, from the cemetery, dash straight into a stream that provides drinking water for residents in the area, and pollute the water.


Exactly four months after the first case ... the community woke up last Saturday morning to realize with horror that the man-eating animals had entered the cemetery once again to eat dead human bodies.

[Local man] Nana Agyekum said the owners of the pigs wanted to create trouble in the community, thereby flouting his orders by letting loose their animals to eat dead human bodies.

To avert any trouble or bloodshed, the Birem chief implored the government and the appropriate authorities to intervene immediately since the man-eating animals were gradually getting out of hand.

[Modern Ghana]

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