Thursday, September 8, 2011


Looks like Pokey is going to be spending some time alone.

SAN DIEGO -- Police are searching for a man who wore a unique costume during an attempted robbery of a Rancho Penasquitos-area 7-Eleven store.

The bizarre robbery attempt happened just after midnight on Labor Day, when a man dressed as TV character "Gumby" entered the store on Carmel Mountain Road with another man and approached the clerk behind the counter.

Initially, the man in the Gumby costume asked for a pack of cigarettes but then told the clerk, "This is a robbery."

The clerk thought it was a joke and told the man dressed as Gumby, "Come on man, don’t waste my time. I have things to do."

The Gumby impersonator responded that he had a gun and then began fumbling with his costume as if he was trying to pull it out.


[San Diego police Detective Gary] Hassen kept a straight face while explaining that wearing a Gumby costume is no different than any other disguise worn by potential robbers.

"It could have been a ski mask. It could have been a bandana. It could have been a hoodie. It just happens to be a Gumby costume," said Hassen.


Because the robbery attempt was so bizarre, the clerk did not call police. He was seen on video leaning down to pick up the $0.27 the Gumby impersonator dropped while fumbling inside his costume. Later Monday morning, the clerk's boss saw the surveillance video and called police.

The clerk said he had never even heard of Gumby until he was almost robbed by a man dressed as him. He told his boss the costume looked something like a green version of the TV cartoon character "SpongeBob SquarePants."

[KGTV News]

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