Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fantasy And Reality Merge As End Of The World Approaches

This guy plays a cop or something in the movies, and then he acts as a "reserve deputy" and films his escapades for a TV show. As millions of unemployed can attest, nice work if you can get it.

But HOW can he get it? How many people are interested in this bloated douche? They say you need to hit bottom but apparently in some areas there IS no bottom. This guy cannot fall far enough to be completely erased from our mass culture apparatus.

My favorite part was where these highly skilled professionals, accompanied by a film crew, killed the guy's puppy. Maybe if Seagal had been able to rise about "reserve deputy" he would have learned enough to avoid this.

Where does the world of awful action films end and reality begin? I can't keep track anymore. More fuel for the sprialing vortex of impending doom. But let me emphasize this will NOT be a "rapture" type deal. More like a slow slog through endless misery and the deterioration of every level of society, until we're all roaming the streets and living in cardboard boxes.
Steven Seagal is being threatened with a lawsuit over his part in a police raid that was taped for his A&E reality show, TMZ reported.

The actor, who has served as a reserve deputy sheriff since the mid-'80s, was part of a team that arrived at Jesus Sanchez Llovera's Arizona house in March with a tank and armed in full riot gear, Llovera alleges in his legal documents.

Llovera claims that the raid, carried out by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, was "unfounded" because they believed Llovera was raising roosters for illegal cockfighting. But he says the roosters are only "for show."

Llovera -- who served both Seagal and Sheriff Joe Arpaio with an official notice of claim, the first step toward a lawsuit -- says his 11-month-old puppy was shot and killed during the raid and that police also killed more than 100 of his roosters.

Additionally, he says the police rammed the tank into a gate on his property and that his home suffered "substantial damage."

Llovera is seeking $100,000 in damages and wants a "formal written apology" from Seagal to his children for the death of their puppy, "a beloved family pet."

According to TMZ, the entire incident was recorded for Seagal's reality show, Steven Seagal Lawman.

A&E declined comment when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter. Seagal and the Maricopa County authorities have yet to comment.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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