Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zombies Rule All Media As Other Ideas Run Out Of Steam

This is a story about Brad Pitt making this new movie, "World War Z." I just read the book and it's great. Tracks the war on zombies from beginning to what can resemble an end. I guess Brad Pitt is in there to prove he is not just another pretty face. He can really act. When you're in there with zombies, that's when you have to forget about acting school type exercises and convey some REAL emotion. It's not like Shakespeare, where you have to pay attention to what they're saying. The essential elements of zombie stories and films are non-verbal, and there's no way to fake it. You would never see Laurence Olivier or that ilk in a zombie film because their so called acting would be exposed as so much fluff. No room for ego here.

New season of "The Walking Dead." New show, "Death Valley." I just saw an episode. Nothing new but not bad.

So what is the endless, and I mean ENDLESS, appeal of zombie-based entertainment? I can't even keep up with it all and I really try. I finally saw the "Zombie Stripper" movie. I need to catch the latest George Romero film, had a very short run in the theatres, and then I think I'm all caught up.

Is it how we see ourselves? How we see others? Both? Is it a reflection of our world, where inhumanity triumphs and people mindlessly wander the aisles looking for the next video game or oat bran bread that will change their lives? Where we can't find any inner peace because of our relentless materialism and selfishness? Or a reflection of our inability to deal with any real problems beyond feeding ourselves?

Whoever can figure it out let me know, "Zombieland" is on and I have to watch it again. Some good scenes in there.
Dreamboat movie star Brad Pitt saved a “World War Z” extra from being trampled during filming, reports The Scottish Sun.

Pitt, who stars as a United Nations employee in the zombie apocalypse film, was filming a scene in which 700 extras tear through George Square in Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday. During the scene, a woman fell down, putting herself in danger of being run over by her fellow extras.

But Pitt, a real-life hero, swooped in and brought her to her feet.

"Lots of people hurt themselves, and Brad came to the rescue of a woman who slipped," a witness told the paper of the fleeing-from-zombies scene. "I don't think she could believe it when Brad picked her up. He didn't have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot. But she said afterwards how grateful she was, despite having a badly-grazed knee.”

Other extras also received "bumps and scrapes" during the elaborate take. After a string of injuries occurred on set, filming was paused for a "safety talk," The Sun reported.

Pitt's sci-fi thriller will be released in December 2012.


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