Monday, August 29, 2011

Wealthy Do Nothings Can't Spare Water For Tom Jones

They don't have enough water for Tom Jones? Have you ever seen Tom Jones perform? I used to watch him when he had a regular TV show. That guy needs WATER. Come on, he is a human ball of energy, almost combustible. He sweats more through one song than the average man sweats in a 15 round boxing match.

These guys are soaking up the Cristal and Tom Jones is in the hospital. I declare war on Monaco! Like they have declared war on our aging but still soulful entertainers. Stacks of chips up the ying yang but a glass of ice water for Tom Jones? NO.

Maybe he wasn't enough of a high roller to get water? That's how it works sometimes. There's that velvet rope and nothing beyond, at least for me. I'm just a sailor. You would think it was different for Tom Jones, but I'm told he's a man of humble origins. Bastards.
Tom Jones was in hospital in Monaco on Sunday, officials said, but his website denied suggestions that he was suffering from heart trouble.

Officials in the tiny principality said the 71-year-old singer was undergoing treatment at the Princess Grace hospital but had left the emergency room as his "condition does not cause concern".

The singer's official website said he had been taken to hospital suffering from "severe dehydration," dismissing newspaper reports that he was suffering from heart problems.

"Sir Tom was ordered not to perform in Monte Carlo yesterday evening, due to severe dehydration.

"This was extremely disappointing for Tom, the band and all connected with the tour. This was the last date of a very successful three month tour, where many of the shows were in locations that were in the throes of high summer heat.


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