Monday, August 29, 2011

If at First You Don't Succeed

It's one thing to steal a bunch of snakes and shove them down your pants, but to shove a rack of baby-back ribs down there is downright disgusting.

From the you can’t make this up file, a Carlisle man is charged with trying to steal a pack of ribs by putting them down his pants for the second time.

Donald Noone, 65 of Carlisle, was highly intoxicated when he attempted to steal the ribs from the Giant Food Store in Carlisle on Sunday.

On May 22, Noone was also arrested for trying to steal a pack of ribs from the store while intoxicated.

Noone was charged with public drunkenness and retail theft, and also charged for a subsequent offense since this is the second incident.

[CBS 21]

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