Monday, January 23, 2012

Send In This Clown

Is there a better businessman in the world? Runs a Foundation and donates nothing to it? But it still has money in it from wrestling? Trump appeared in a WWE skit and got paid, and that's all the money in the thing, and he figured out how to give his SON a donation. How does he appear in public? He's listened to? More than me! If you walked up to the average American they would say what the hell is Daily Downers? They have no clue. But D. Trump? The DONALD! Come on. Hanging on his every word.

Has Trump had a bad time of it over the last few years? Is it possible he really isn't worth $7 billion? It's hard to put a dollar value on a man like Trump. If I were Donald Trump I would put every dime into building a fortress skyscraper in Manhattan to ride out the zombie attack in style. Or at least do something with my hair.

In a way that's too easy, making fun of Trump's hair, but fuck it, I'm doing it. The totality of Trump, the hair, the effortless blend of ignorance and arrogance - AS A COUNTRY WE LOST when he dropped out of the race for President. If he had a rubber nose he's be the perfect clown. He doesn't even need the rest of the makeup with the hair doing that. Please Lord let him do a third party run and draft Palin. Note to self - Call Vince McMahon.
Confirming that Donald Trump is the world’s most miserly billionaire, the latest tax return filed by the real estate developer’s private foundation shows that he again failed to donate a penny to his eponymous charitable group.

The 65-year-old businessman--who recently reported his net worth as $7 billion--is president of The Donald J. Trump Foundation, which filed its 2010 return with the Internal Revenue Service three months ago. The return shows that, for the second straight year, Trump donated nothing to his foundation, which was formed in 1987.

In large part, the Trump charity has been funded in recent years by $5 million in donations from World Wrestling Entertainment. The foundation received the seven figures in return for Trump’s involvement in a couple of WWE story lines, which included promotion of a pay-per-view WrestleMania event.

IRS records show that, over the past five years, Trump--who describes himself as an "ardent philanthropist"--has donated just $675,000 to his foundation. As TSG has previously reported, this level of philanthropy is dwarfed by Trump’s billionaire peers like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Koch brothers.

When compared to Bloomberg--another New York City billionaire with a household name--Trump’s stinginess is staggering. In 2010, Bloomberg (pictured below) donated more than $350 million to his foundation, which during the year made donations totaling about $105 million. At year’s end, the Bloomberg foundation had assets of $2.734 billion. Trump’s foundation had $2.255 million (largely thanks to Vince McMahon).

The Trump Foundation’s 2010 return shows that the group made 53 donations totaling $1.037 million. Contributions ranged from $110,650 (American Heart Association) to $300 (National Multiple Sclerosis Society).

The charity’s third-largest donation--$100,000--went to the Eric Trump Foundation, which is run by the billionaire’s 28-year-old son Eric. Other contributions went to foundations affiliated with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ($10,000); Larry King ($2500); NASCAR ($2500); the New York Jets ($10,000); and the late Princess Grace of Monaco ($5000).


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