Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Nukes Less Kooks

I'm just maxing and relaxing. These entries write themselves. Nuke Iran. Wow what a new idea. Regime change in Iran? I'd say that's more of a military FIRST resort as opposed to a last resort. By the time we get down to LAST resort it will be too late! Damn.

Feels like 1976. Remember where you were back then. How about on the verge of Saturday Night Fever!?! Whhhhhhhoooooohoooooooo!

Thank you very much indeed.
Sen. Lindsay Graham is siding with a Republican presidential candidate who's calling for military action if all else fails to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

The South Carolina Republican says he supports "totally, absolutely, without any doubt" former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's call during a Saturday debate for the military last-resort option to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran.

Graham says in a television interview, quote, "If they develop nuclear weapons, the whole region is going to want a nuclear weapon. If you open Pandora's box, if you attack Iran if they get a nuclear weapon, you empty Pandora's box."

Graham also said it's important to "neuter this regime" by destroying its military and persuading Iranians to demand a regime change.

[Associated Press]

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