Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey I'm Too Busy Running For President To Answer Questions

If there's another shoe, is it big enough to fit in his mouth and close it? I can't understand how they are captivated by this guy Cain when they have TRUMP. And PALIN. If there was a contest to see who could say more stupid things in a day I think Cain would come in third. So how did this happen? Where did this guy come from?

And I love that he can't answer any questions. For legal reasons. How can you think you get to be President without talking about this? Maybe everyone will just say it's okay, and we'll elect him and see how it plays out. If it turns out to be bad we can always impeach him. How bad could it be if he was President for a few weeks?

He ran Godfather's Pizza. How great is that? Hey, we'll have a pizza chain and name it Godfather's. Like the movie. Get it? Italians? They make pizza? Hardy har har.

Palin said she wasn't running for President, but it's possible she would go along for the ride as VP again, and that's the only reason I'm paying attention to this anymore. Once these conventions are over, if she's not on the ticket I'm tuning out and writing in my vote for Iggy Pop.
Is there another shoe? If so, how big? And how hard might it come down on Herman Cain, who so far, has managed to deflect — albeit awkwardly — the allegations of sexual harassment swirling around him this week?

At least one of his female accusers from his days at the National Restaurant Association is eager to talk, according to multiple news reports, but it’s now just a question of whether the lawyers and the association will let this happen.

“She’s been very upset about this since the story broke last Sunday because Mr. Cain has been giving the impression she came out and made false allegations,” Joel Bennett, the lawyer for one of Cain’s accusers said in an interview on CNN last night. “That’s certainly not true and she’s still deciding once we hear from the Restaurant Association what she’ll do — if they’ll waive the confidentiality. Until they do that, she’s not going to speak out.”

In his own television interview late yesterday on Fox News, Cain declined to say whether he would ask the Restaurant Association to waive the confidentiality agreement.

“I can’t answer that now because there are legal implications. If the restaurant association waves that — I just found out about this today — there are legal implications associated with that I am not totally familiar with yet,” he told Fox Brett Baier. “So, I can’t give you a definitive answer on that until we consult with our attorneys and talk with some others.”

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