Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bad News For Rich Guys Going Through A Midlife Crisis

What does Aventador mean? Sounds like it means "adventure." So in a way you're getting what you pay for.

Seriously I always look at the sports cars that pass me and I see it's usually old guys driving them. Rewarding themselves for a lifetime of hard work and exploitation by making the roads unsafe for the rest of us.

Here's another thing. You're paying all this money for a really fast car. Where can you drive it? How often can you go more than 55? What's the point? Do these guys all take their cars to a secret place where they can go 150 mph? If not, what's the point?

What will these rich guys do, now that they can't get this new toy? Between this and getting their taxes raised they should definitely protest, like a Million White Middle Aged Guys In Ferraris March on Washington or something. These guys have a dream too, it just doesn't include minorities and the poor. Or illegal immigrants. Or a President named Obama.

I'm just glad the owner's okay. WINK!
A black Lamborghini Aventador burned itself up like a protesting Buddhist monk this morning in Southern California according to a poster on Luxury4Play. And here we thought self-immolation was a Ferrari trademark.

The owner is ok, but the gorgeous black bull is sadly a pile of blackened metal.

The car actually belongs to a dealer and was on a test drive, which led to this awesome pose from "Aventador Guy" and video of the fire.

We've got decent details on the fire thanks to an astute forum member who pulled down the information from a traffic site:

The "left rear wheel on fire" points to a non-collision incident, although it's too early to speculate what caused it.

Hopefully, this is just a one-off and not the start of a trend.


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