Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Litany Of Failure

I write these downers and this website is not that popular, which is a downer.

Donald Trump is talked to like he is a statesman, which is a downer, and he is still around on his own without Palin, which makes it double downer. Hilarious that Trump thinks his endorsement was the key factor in Romney's victory in Nevada, but somehow between Nevada and today the Trump magic wore off? Maybe someone should've asked Trump if it just took a little time for his endorsement to really hurt Romney? Listening to Trump talk about a role in the Romney administration is moving into new downer territory. That we live in a world where Trump talks this way without anyone slapping him and telling him to shut up. An epic vortex that will suck us all in.

Santorum won a few primaries. He believes climate change is a scheme concocted by the radical left to take over your life. In 2008 Santorum endorsed Romney. It's a downer, but for Santorum it's not that much of a downer even if he loses because he's making over a million dollars a year as a consultant for industry interest groups and corporate director fees. If he wins it's just gravy but probably a downer for the rest of us.

Romney lost but is still worth over $100 million. You can't really put "lost" and "worth over $100 million" in the same sentence now can you? If Romney is elected it may be a downer for the rest of us but you can't really call it a downer for Romney because he still has the $100 million. This is a super downer if you don't like Romney because he's impervious to your dislike. If he loses he's loaded and if he wins he's loaded and he gets to tell you what to do. If he lost he would probably be failing UP because he can make more money without anyone bugging him about ethics and taxes. Win win for Mitt and down down for me.
Before the results came in for Tuesday night’s sweeping victory for Rick Santorum, real estate mogul and reality television star Donald Trump did not give the former Pennsylvania senator much thought on his impact in the Republican field.

On Wednesday, Trump noted Santorum's last Senate race where he lost reelection by a wide margin, saying it was like failing a test and then applying to the Wharton School of Economics.

“I don’t get Rick Santorum,” Trump said on CNN’s Early Start. “I don’t get that whole thing.”

Before the Nevada primary, Trump came out in support of Mitt Romney, and has since taken credit for Romney’s showing in the Silver State. Although it is not as stunning as Herman Cain’s Department of Defense dreams, the Donald offered his own take on what role he would serve in a Romney administration.

“Maybe a position where I negotiate against some of these countries because they're really taking our lunch,” he said.

[National Journal]

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