Thursday, December 22, 2011

God Gives North Korea Most Favored Nation Status

Talk about a downer, this is just the clearest evidence that we are not the supreme beings on Earth. You never hear of anything like this happening when a President dies, right? So if this goes on when Kim Jong Il dies, that means God is clearly closer to North Korea than North America, and all of our ideas about ourselves as Americans being the center of the universe are upside down. God loves North Korea, and connects with THEM.

Snowstorms, volcanos, Manchurian cranes. We ain't got nothing like that. Shit.
North Korea says a fierce snowstorm paused and the sky began glowing red above sacred Mount Paektu just minutes before leader Kim Jong Il's death.

State media say the ice on volcanic Lake Chon at the mountain in the far north cracked with a load roar.

And in the city of Hamhung, a Manchurian crane circled a statue of Kim's father, late President Kim Il Sung, before alighting on a tree, its head drooping before it took off toward Pyongyang.

State media say Kim died Saturday morning at age 69. His death was announced two days later.

Similar myths and legends also surround Kim Jong Il's birth on Mount Paektu. Official biographies say he was born on Paektu and that a double rainbow filled the skies when he was born.

[Associated Press]

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