Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vitamins Kill

If you're like most people, you're far too lazy to provide your children with nutritious meals. Why bother? If you can stuff their faces with fast food at night and give them a handful of sugary chalk tablets each morning that give them 10,000% of their recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals, that's all any child could ask.

Besides, nobody lives forever and you're wise enough to know your children are no exception. So take this warning with a grain of magnesium and carry on. Your children may thank you one day for putting them out of their misery sooner rather than later.

A study involving nearly 39,000 women has found multivitamins, vitamin B, folic acid, iron, magnesium and copper all increased the statistical risk of premature death.


Scientists from Finland, Norway, the U.S. and South Korea looked at the long-term health effects of common vitamin pills and minerals on 38,772 women aged 55 to 69.


The results, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found copper increased the risk of dying prematurely by 18 per cent. Folic acid – which pregnant women are told to take to protect their child against spina bifida – increased risk of death by almost 6 per cent, while iron raised the risk by nearly 4 per cent.

Multivitamins raised the risk by 2.4 per cent, vitamin B6 by 4 per cent, magnesium by 3.6 per cent and zinc by 3 per cent.


The results back up a major Danish study carried out at the University of Copenhagen in 2008 which found some vitamin supplements increase the risk of dying early by 16 per cent.

[Daily Mail]

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