Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun Gone Wrong

This is why "family time" is overrated. I care about Monopoly as much as the next guy, but this seems a little excessive. Plus I can't imagine STABBING someone. That is way too personal. SHOOTING someone, yes. Stabbing, no.

This is why the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. To defend yourself in a situation like this. Even if you ARE cheating at Monopoly, which is pretty low.
Laura Chavez, 60, of Santa Fe, N.M., is accused of repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend, Clyde “Butch” Smith, 48, when a family game of Monopoly went terribly awry.

Chavez began to argue with Smith while playing the board game with her 10-year-old grandson. The boy told police that Chavez accused Smith of cheating at Monopoly, and then sent the boy to bed around 11 p.m. mid-argument.

According to a probable cause statement released by police, the couple’s argument escalated until Chavez hit Smith over the head with a glass bottle, then grabbed a knife and began to cut him on his head, neck, face, arms and hand.

Chavez’s grandson slept through the physical altercation, waking up when police arrived in his bedroom, according to the statement.

[ABC News]

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