Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shame Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

First off, how can a guy who has a hairdo like this talk about anyone else being ashamed?

It's a shame Trump didn't run, because then people would have a reason to listen to The Braying Oracle and really evaluate what he said. As it stands, I can't understand why his opinion has any value whatsoever. Without Palin he's nothing.

Trump is also oblivious to the fact that he's insulting most of America and its government. The Health Care bill passed through the legislature, and now it's survived the challenge to its legality or Constitution-ality or whatever, and these guys are still beefing and crying. If the Republicans are re-energized by this, good for them! If you re-energize an idiot you have a re-generized idiot. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

Why should Trump care about this? He has all the health insurance he needs. Does he look in the mirror? That should be more of a priority. A guy who has run casinos into bankruptcy is calling Judge Roberts a dummy. Fix your hair! OMG!

Mitt Romney will benefit from the Supreme Court health-care ruling, though Chief Justice John Roberts should be "ashamed" of his role in the decision, businessman Donald Trump told CNBC.

The conservative jurist provided the deciding vote in a 5-4 ruling that said the health-care plan's individual mandate, which requires Americans to have health insurance, passed constitutional muster.

While the decision allows the Affordable Care Act to go into law, Trump said the ultimate winner could be President Barack Obama's Republican challenger Romney.

"This was a big one," Trump said during his weekly "Squawk Box" appearance Tuesday. "This energized the Republican Party like never before. I think it's going to maybe elect Mitt Romney."

As for Roberts, who ruled with the majority that the individual mandate is constitutional so long as it's considered a tax rather than a penalty, Trump had harsh words.

"John Roberts should be ashamed of himself," he said. "He's looking like a dummy. His decision was not written by the supposedly smart man he is .... The decision makes no sense."

Trump speculated that Roberts sided with the court's liberal justices in an effort to appease the Washington establishment by giving "a Georgetown-type of opinion."

"Now they love him in Washington," Trump said. "That's probably what he wanted. I think that's the sole reason he did it."


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